Photography Tours

  • Wat Aroon (from Tha Kham Alley)
    Wat Aroon (from Tha Kham Alley) Bangkok
So, what is "Photography Tourism"?

Photography has been an inseparable part of tourism since the late-19th Century -- a period in history when both areas of activities gained ever increasing popularity, and which is still ongoing today. During the first few decades, both photography and tourism were domains affordable only to the affluent, mainly due to their very high costs. However, things changed starting from the first half of the 20th Century. The technological developments in mass transportation (land, sea and air) has enabled more and more common folks to travel farther and more frequently. Photography became affordable for the "man of the street" and more practical with the introduction of handheld 35 mm cameras (pioneered by Leica in the 1920's). Up until now in the early 21st Century, these two developmental trends have continued at incessantly accelerated paces, making photography a very integral part of tourism.  

The relationship between tourism and photography can viewed under three broad headings:
  1. Photography as a medium of capturing and preserving memories of travels.
  2. Photography as a creative process in creating unique images of photographic subjects that are encountered in the course of travels.
  3. Photography as a tool for promoting tourism products, e.g. travel brochures, blogs, postcards, etc.
My "photography tourism" offering falls under the second heading. It is a form of special interest tourism in which tourist visits a particular place with the primary aim of photographing subjects that are unique to him/her. The scope of photography may range from landscapes, portraits, architectures, culture, "street photography," and (perhaps) wildlife subjects. Bangkok, and Thailand as a whole, is very photogenic and offers literally infinite opportunities for capturing creative and compelling imageries. However, like all the unique scenes and perspectives, they are usually hidden in niches and crevices. My knowledge and experience as an active travel photographer will be an invaluable aid in finding them.
Itinerary Options

A photography tour can be just a one-day excursion in and around Bangkok or it can be multi-days to locations that are farther afield. But whatever the time frame, the itinerary always allows sufficient time for your creative process at each location, and also set the schedule for capturing the best light. These and other requirements/specifications can be factored into the itinerary in order to best meet your needs.

The following are a few examples from my past photography tourism activities.

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Disclaimer: I, of course, cannot give guarantee that my guest will capture his/her intended image(s). I do give warrant that I will do my best to understand his/her intentions and work with him/her to achieve his/her objectives, if any.