Weekend Markets In & Around Bangkok

Food! Glorious Food!!!

Thailand's geography is conducive to practically all kinds of agriculture, particularly those related to food production. Added to this, the traditional wisdom on farming is ancient and far-reaching across the country. These factors are reflected in the scrumptiousness and diversity of the Thai cuisine. The culinary attributes of each major region (North, Northeast, Central and South) has its distinct character, with recipes that are handed down literally through the centuries and improvised from generation to generation.

The best place to experience the plentifulness and dizzyingly wide assortments of Thai food is to visit the open-air fresh food markets (vis-à-vis the modern supermarkets), which can be found in just about any community centres (large and small) across the country. But the venues to go for cooked ready-to-eat fares are the "weekend markets". These are markets that have a bazaar-like atmosphere with vendors who sell ready-to-eat food items, as well as some who sell curios and other handicraft products. And as the name suggests, the markets are open only on weekends and public holidays.

The following is a list of the more popular and larger markets that are in and near to Bangkok suitable for a one-day excursion:

1. Bang Nam Pueng Weekend Market

2. Bang Phli Floating Market

3. Don Wai Floating Market

4. Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market

5. Khlong Suan 100 Years Market

6. Koh Kret Weekend Makret

7. Taling Chan Floating Market