About Tour Programs & Prices . . .

Please note that all of my tours are customised to each individual guest or group of guests. Please review the following information to get an orientation on the time schedule, the transportation options, and related prices. The information presented here are to give prospective guests ideas of how I typically manage my tours and associated prices. I work with each customer to adjust the details accordingly.

I offer four types of tours:

  1. Half-Day Tour In Bangkok By Public Transports & Walking [please click here for more details]
  2. Full-Day Tour In Bangkok By Public Transports & Walking [please click here for more details]
  3. Full-Day Tour In & Around Bangkok By A Mini-Van [please click here for more details]
  4. Multiple-Day Tour Out Of Bangkok By A Mini-Van [please click here for more details]

The main differences in each type of tour are:

The length of time of the tour duration

The tour can be only a half-day of about six hours or can be a multi-day road trip. A road trip can be just two-day/one-night duration or can be multiple weeks.

The locality of the tour

Most of my tours are focus in and around Bangkok which is my hometown. However, I can arrange for a road trip to just about any part of Thailand.

The means of travel in the course of the tour

Bangkok's excellent public transport services (complemented with some walking) make it convenient and reasonably comfortable to tour the city. And it is an excellent way to avoid the notorious road traffic congestions. However, it is necessary to sometime use a taxicab which is why I need to set a maximum limit of four guests for the walking tours. Any more than that, we would not be able to fit into a taxi. 

With groups larger than four guests or with destinations that are beyond the reaches of Bangkok's public transport services, we need to charter a chauffeured air-conditioned mini-van. This means of transport is very comfortable and cutdown on the amount of walking that might otherwise be required. Road traffic congestions may cause some delays, but we try to preempt such situations and do our best to avoid them. Anyhow, it is normally problematic only in the inner-city areas. Although relatively expensive for a small group, a mini-van turns out to be quite economical for a group that is five or more because the cost of the daily charter is spread out.

All tours include:

  • One licensed tour guide who is fluent in English and well-versed in Thailand's culture and history
  • All public transport fares OR chauffeured air-conditioned mini-van rental, petrol and toll-way fees
  • Bottled water and soft drinks
  • Meals (lunch and/or dinner) at a local eatery that serves authentic Thai favourites frequented by neighbourhood clientele
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Service (4G)
  • Accident insurance

Tours DO NOT include:

  • Entrance fees to attractions (if any)
  • Additional vehicular rentals/charters and all associated costs (if any), e.g. long-tail boat and tuk-tuks
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Gratuities of the tour guide and mini-van driver (where applicable)