About Me . . . 

My full name is "Chanindh Homsilpakul". I am a citizen of Thailand, which accounts for my somewhat unusual name. I currently live in the capital city of Bangkok with a caring spouse and a lovely adult daughter, both of whom have at least as much enthusiasm for travel as I do.
I was born in the early 1950's. I spent most of my past working life in a corporate career from which I retired at the end of 2012 to devote full-time to pursuing my passions for travel. Since then, I have completed a Master's degree program in Cultural Management (with focus on Cultural Tourism) in 2014 at a premier Thai university. I also obtained a Tour Guide license in 2015 after having passed a 150-hour matriculated training course administered by Thailand’s Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

I am thoroughly fluent in the Thai and English languages, and I am able to carry a day-to-day conversation in Cantonese.

I am fortunate to have travelled widely, as well as to have taken up residences in five countries - Thailand (home), Hong Kong (seven years), United States (eight years), Singapore (three years and one year) and Indonesia (two years). Not counting those already mentioned, I have also visited over forty countries on five continents (i.e. all continents except South America and Antarctica). With this background and experience, I know what genuine travellers look for in a professional tour guide.

The country that I am most familiar with is, of course, Thailand, where I have explored extensively and yet still have many new destinations to visit. Come to join me in my exploration and learn about this fascinating country and its varied cultural traits.