See The True Thailand . . .

Delve Into A Vibrant Culture
That Is Over A Millennium In The Making
And Which Is Still Actively Evolving Today

  • Ko Kret
  • Wat Tham Pha Daen
  • Wat Pa Arjiang
  • Phra Sumen Fort
  • Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok
  • The Golden Mount
  • Prasat Sadok Kok Thom
  • Phang Nga Bay (from Samet Nangshe Viewpoint)
  • Wat Prathat Phasornkaew
  • Wat Pathum Khongkha
  • Wat Chai Wattanaram
  • Wat Pa Pao
  • Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat
  • Wat Aroon (from Tha Kham Alley)
  • Lalu
  • Thai Buffalo Conservation Village
  • Si Satchanalai Historical Park
  • Taling Chan Railway Bridge
  • Wat Analayo Thipayaram
  • Artist's House
  • Hell Fire Pass Memorial Museum
  • Saiyok Elephant Park
  • Thai Buffalo Conservation Village
  • Wat Maha That
  • Wat Chai Wattanaram

Thailand is one of world’s leading tourism destinations. However, this Southeast Asian country is known by most visitors only for its beautiful beach-front resorts (such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui Island, and Phuket Island) and for great shopping malls in the capital city of Bangkok. However, in fact, Thailand has a rich history, with over 700 years as a unified nation and over 1,500 years of cultural development and social integration among peoples of various ethnicities. 

Hi! My name is Chanindh Homsilpakul. WWW.ThailandCultural.Tours is an in-bound tour service provider licensed by Thailand’s Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which is run and operated by me. Although this business is just a new start-up, I am a seasoned traveller, as well as an experienced private tour guide. I specialise in cultural tourism for small-group independent travellers. Although I am based in Bangkok, I can arrange for tours covering all geographical areas of Thailand, with means of travel by land and/or air. More information about me is covered in "About Me . . . " page of this web site. 

Come discover Thailand’s diverse and intriguing cultural heritage with me. Let me be your cultural guide and travel advisor for your exploration of Amazing Thailand. Find the subjects of your interest on this web site, may they be nature, history, art, spirituality, festivity, culinary, etc. Then, work with me to plan your itinerary for your solo and/or group guided cultural tours almost anywhere across Thailand, which can be just one day up to a few weeks.

Get Inspired!

For the TRULY SEASONED TRAVELER who strives to widen your view of the world and to learn from your journey to Thailand, my cultural tours are for you. Please review the "Trips & Destinations" section of this web site (please see Menu Bar at the top of page) to see examples of where to go and what to see/do. All tours are customised to meet your specific interests, preferences and time limitations, and can be a single day excursion in and around Bangkok (which is where I am based) or can be a multiple-week road trip to almost any part of Thailand.

Travels with me is much more than simply seeing the pretty sights, taking nice selfies, and/or making "location check-ins" on the social media. I am well versed in the history and culture of Thailand. I provide comprehensive narratives on the destinations/locations visited with the aim of helping my guests to appreciate the significance of these places, as well as to build a proper and correct understanding of Thailand's complex culture. Furthermore, I am an passionate “foodie”, especially with Thai cuisine. Trips with me will ALWAYS INCLUDE (unless you opt out) having meals at authentic and scrumptious Thai food outlets, where the local people go to for their meals (and also a handful of places that even few locals know about).

And, if you are into creative photography, please check out my "Photography Tours" page. I am a very enthusiastic travel photographer. I constantly seek out photographic locations and perspectives that are not already shared in the millions on the Internet. I am happy to explore these findings with you.

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Flexible Tour Programs That Are Completely Customisable

All of my tours are customised to each individual guest or group of guests. Visit "Tour Programs and Prices" section (please see Menu Bar at the top of page) to get an orientation on the time schedule, the transportation options, and related prices. The information presented here are to give prospective guests ideas of how I typically manage my tours and associated prices. 



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